Online dating has undoubtedly revolutionised the manner in which people communicate.

The question is how do we talk to others on these platforms. The following tips provide you with a useful guide.

Believe it or not, “Hello” is a good way of starting most conversations. You can write something better by adding things to make it more interesting. Try something like “How are you? I’m ____”. Or write something engaging or funny that the other person can easily respond to and start an interesting conversation.

Making a comment about one of the interests listed in the person’s profile shows that you want to know more about them. Kicking off with a compliment is also OK, but not enough. Do you have any particular interests? Then mention them, talk about them. In doing so you’ll be chatting before you even realise it.

Asking questions is a great way of showing interest and keeping the conversation going. Ask about something you saw on their profile. Ask, as mentioned above, about interests, hobbies, where they like to eat and anything that can get the conversation flowing.

Being honest is helpful. But that doesn't mean that you have to be aggressive.

However, if you are interested in someone, show them! It is good to share things and show interest. Don’t be shy.

It may sound rather risky, but people spend too much time chatting behind their screen, instead of arranging to meet up. If you suggest it, you might be in for a nice surprise.

What’s the point if you don't start dating?