Traditional dating with all of its face-to-face meetings in lonely cafes, cinema evenings and promenades in parks has already outdated. The life has become much faster than ever before, so has the dating. Lots of people all over the world started living hectic lifestyles, barely finding time for entertainment and intimacy. Communication on-the-go has become the motto of many individuals, so online dating is on the verge of popularity too. There's no more need to come up to a person in a bar and blush in front of him or her before you try to invite them on a first date – everything can be done virtually. Thanks to technologies, it is possible to date a person from abroad. People meet each other on messenger apps, social media and, for sure, dating sites. Yet, the latter is considered the best for finding a partner. Why? Here are the answers. 1. Online dating has no boundaries Sites which offer services of matchmaking and communication with singles are always “open-minded.” Online dating sites aim to bring people together, so there’s no place for racism, xenophobia or chauvinism. 2. Online dating is for everyone No matter what your status is, no matter whether you are extraordinarily sociable or exclusively shy, online dating will suit you anyway. Not likewise lots of social media, online dating sites do not expect you to be a fan of friends and newsfeeds (Facebook), photos (Instagram or Pinterest) or 140-symbol expressions (Twitter). Online dating sites make up a peculiar niche, which can be used by anyone to achieve one goal – meet the most suitable person. If you are an extrovert, an online dating site can be a perfect platform for you to make new friends. You can chat with them or make video calls at any time of the day. If you are too shy, you’re also winning. You can take your time to write a thoughtful letter to your potential partner and feel very comfortable without constant real-time communication. 3. Only determined people register on dating sites Let's say you are trying to find a partner online, on any social media. You like a particular girl, and you keep checking her profile, stare at her photos and monitor whether she's online or not. It takes you a month to pull yourself together and squeeze that 'hi!' out of you. You start chatting. You chat for one week or two, if not for a few months. And then you realize that she has a boyfriend/she doesn't like you as a man/she's not interested in a relationship right now. How does it feel? Right, you feel desperate. By contrast, when you register on an online dating site, you can be sure you are going to meet your mind-like people. Moreover, usually, girls on such sites let everyone know what kind of a man they are looking for as well as provide their expectations of a future partner. Therefore, online dating helps to save a lot of time (and money too). < Back to blog