You keep hearing that Ukrainian and Russian women are very feminine and charming. Perhaps, you have also heard that women in Eastern Europe also make good wives and the best girlfriends. Some people may assume that it’s just hype and there’s nothing special about women in this region. However, as the experience tells, Westerners continue coming to such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, and Belarus to meet with at least one local lady. At the same time, other foreigners prefer registering on Slavic dating sites and woo girls there. Characters Even though Slavic women aren’t as hot-tempered as Latina girls, neither are they as tender and calm as Asian ladies, they still have a lot to be proud of. Russian and Ukrainian girls are often caring and loving when it comes to relationships, and that’s exactly what men from the Western world with emancipated women are looking for. Beauty Lots of people think that a typical Slavic woman has blonde hair and blue eyes, whereas it is just a stereotype. The real beauty of Slavic women is in the diversity. In Eastern Europe, you can find various types of girls – from jet-black-haired to red and blonde-haired. The secret is that in Eastern Europe the East meets the West. Lots of Slavic girls here have rich gene pools, which apart from Slavs’ blood, includes the genes of Tatars, Mongols, Greeks, Armenians, and Jews. Also, when you come to one of the Slavic countries, you will notice how attractive the body shape of local people is. The most popular types of feminine bodies here are “hourglasses” or “pears.” Interestingly, Slavic girls take care of their bodies by going to the gym and staying on a diet, though some prefer being curvy and the others – thin. Style Slavic girls know how to dress well. Back in the 90s and 00s, ladies here preferred local fashion like wearing furs and fancy dresses as well as high heels. Nowadays no matter where you go – either to Russia or Ukraine – you will see much more diversified fashion, but the good taste will always stay with Slavic girls. The most important thing for them is to look good, even in casual dressings. Education Natural beauty and sense of fashion aren’t the only things that make Slavic women famous all over the world. Westerners are also attracted by their dedication to knowledge. In the modern world, more and more girls in Eastern Europe get a higher education, and they keep studying after graduating. Thus, they make excellent speakers and know English pretty good, which is very important in communication with foreigners. As you can see, there is a range of factors which makes Slavic women attractive in the eyes of foreigners. Indeed, Ukrainian and Russian women, therefore, are the best females to be in a relationship with. < Back to blog