Lots of Westerners know that the best girlfriends can be found in two main Slavic countries – Russia and Ukraine. Lots of foreign males cherish ladies there for their intelligence, natural beauty, peculiar fashion and solicitude in the relationship. But still: which women are better - Ukrainian or Russian? To get the answer, let's look at some of their unique traits. Devotion Even though some foreign men think that Ukrainian and Russian women are similar, in fact, they are not. If you look at them from the within, for example, by communicating with Ukrainian and Russian girls separately on such dating sites as VictoriaHearts or Love Swans, you will see that their attitudes towards relationships slightly differ. Russian women are known to be altruistic when it comes to their ties with men. Girls in Russia are raised dreaming of a white dress and marriage, and they are prepared to be good spouses. Russian ladies are used to dedicating all their free time to family, their husband or long-time partner, as well as they are very caring and loving about people in their surroundings. At the same time, Ukrainian women can also be considered very devoted. The older generation of women there believes that they should take care of their husbands, cook for them, do the washing and so on. This is perhaps because such women were raised in the USSR times and they have the same mentality as Russian women. However, that's not what can be said about the younger generation of Ukrainian females. These girls are more open to new types of relationships, they don't dream about traditional marriage, and though they are still caring to their loved ones, they aren't ready to give all of them to the family. The reason lies in the European vector of Ukraine, so if you are into more progressive women, Ukrainian females are right for you. By the way, if you want to get closer to them, it is recommended to use such a popular platform as VictoriaHearts. Independence As Russian women devote themselves to the family, they expect their husbands to be the breadwinners. Thus, they rely on their financial support a lot. Therefore, before a Russian woman gets married, she tries to find out whether a man can support her. So if you want to grow in the eyes of a Russian lady, buy her flowers, pay for dinners in restaurant and taxis. If you are dating a Russian girl on LoveSwans, you can use the services of gifts delivery and melt her heart with such a move. Concerning Ukrainian women, don’t expect them to depend entirely on you. Yes, lots of women are old-fashioned and prefer the same treatment as their Russian counterparts, but there is a new trend that a Ukrainian woman can provide for herself. Thus, it is better if you don’t restrict the freedom of a Ukrainian lady. Many other factors make Russian and Ukrainian girls differ like their languages and sense of humor, but these two are the most important for you to understand who would suit you more. < Back to blog