It is important that the first date is perfect because first impressions count. This is why many singles get themselves worked up before their first date. “What should I wear?”, “Where should we go?”, “How should I greet him/her?”, “What will we talk about?” – these questions and more are bound to go through your mind. We answer the key questions that worry singles before a first date.

The simplest and best solution to the problem of what to do on the first date is to decide together. Today, the man doesn't have to be the only one who decides where to go. In fact, it’s quite the contrary; it’s important to be interested in what the other person would like and to take their wishes into account. Finally, it must be fun for both. Ask your date whether he/she has any specific ideas, whether they prefer somewhere indoors or outdoors, something romantic or active, somewhere quiet or a public place. These answers will make it easier for you to know where you can go on your first date: whether you prefer walking in the countryside followed by a picnic, having a meal in a restaurant, going for an ice-cream or doing something more exceptional, like trampolining, will always depend on personal interests.

Dress appropriately for the event. If you are doing something sporty for your date or out in the countryside, then wear casual clothes. If you intend strolling around the city, then it’s easy – dress just as you would if you were walking about town with friends. If you’ve chosen a sophisticated location for the first date, then you can dress more smartly. What’s important is that you look presentable and don’t dress too extravagantly. It often doesn't go down very well if you overdo it on the first date and are too done up and flamboyantly dressed. This can give the impression that you are too interested in your own appearance. It is important to be yourself and feel comfortable. You can then pay more attention to the person you are with, rather than worrying about whether everything looks right.

It is important to show your date that you are interested in them. But don’t be too curious. No-one appreciates questions that are too intimate or personal on a first date. Avoid conversations about exes. It is not good to give the impression that you are still hung up on your ex. Talk about something spontaneous, for example, a funny thing that happened to you yesterday. That will relax the atmosphere and lead to more spontaneous topics. Make sure that you don't do all the talking. If you spend most of the time talking about yourself, your date may get the impression that you are not at all interested in them. Very important: Don't prepare something to say in advance, try to have an unprompted conversation with spontaneous questions and answers.

And finally, the first and most important rule for the first date: Relax, don't pretend, and just be yourself. When it comes to the choice of location, your outfit, how you greet the person, what you talk about and how to end the first date, remember to behave naturally and do what you think is right. There are so many different people out there, that it is impossible to say what is right or wrong for a specific couple. Heed your intuition and listen to your heart, and you are guaranteed to find the partner of your dreams.