Choosing a profile photo on a dating website is extremely important and requires some thought to make sure you make the right choice.

You might be the perfect match for someone, but if your photo isn't appealing, you will never find out! Here are a few tips on how to select a great photo.

Use a photo in which you are smiling! Holiday photos are often a good choice. This tip might seem obvious to you, but it is overlooked by so many people. Read on for further hints.

Choose a picture in which we can see as much of you as possible – full body photos are the best! And please, don't wear sunglasses or a cap, they hide half of your face.

Photos taken in the afternoon are more flattering, as the quality of the light is better. So, prefer photos taken in this type of light! Do not use a flash – as everyone knows, it makes you look older.

OK, this might be obvious but really do make sure that your photos are recent. If the option is available on the website, register your photos to prove that you are the person shown.

The more photos you upload the better, and you should provide at least four. Other photos showing you from different angles and in different situations will give a potential partner a better idea of who you really are.